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We have delivered numerous Projects since 2009 which have made a real difference to the people involved.  Examples of this are:-

VIP (Visually Impaired People) Project - Supporting visually impaired people to access Information, Advice and Guidance through a digital media loan service - COMPLETED

CV2Employee Project - Supporting people with Learning Disabilities to improve their employment opportunities through easy read CV's and practicing interview skills -  COMPLETED

PA Helpline - A FREE advice line for Personal Assistants employed by Disabled People who may have felt isolated in their role - COMPLETED

Health Coach Project - Providing individual support and advice to people with Learning Disabilities to promote healthier lifestyles through exercise, healthy eating and resulting weight loss - COMPLETED

Supporting Lifestyle Changes - A follow-up to the Health Coach Project that supported Disabled People and Carers to lead Healthier Lifestyles - COMPLETED

Genesis Project - Engaged with Disabled People and provided training sessions that empowered and provided knowledge on issues relevant to a developing Disabled People User-Led Organisation.  The aim of the Project was to give Disabled People a voice and to assist Incontrol-able CIC in becoming a sustainable organisation - COMPLETED

CHERISH Project - Raising the profile of health inequalities experienced by people with Learning Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Conditions in Stockton and Hartlepool.  The main aims of the project are to increase the uptake of Health Action Plans, Annual Health Checks and Screening Programmes and promote 'reasonable adjustments' - COMPLETED

My Health, My Plan - Supporting people with Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Carers to undertake tasks and lifestyle changes identified in Health Action Plans.  The project also provide 1:1 support and advice on how to access Annual Health Checks and look at the things that might be stopping people from accessing theirs.  COMPLETED



    We provide individual services for Disabled People that promote choice, independence and Social Inclusion.Our team have personal and professional experience of Disability and understand the issues and..

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    Hi - just to let you know we're still delivering our services, but we are not office-based at the moment, so apologies if we're not getting back to you as quickly as we normally do.  #StayHomeSav..

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