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 These are some of the things that people have said about us and our services~


‘The ability to get in touch with people while my computer as broke has really helped me, just want to thank you for helping me and your continued support’ – Donna (Ricochet Project)



‘That piece of information is worth its weight in gold’ – Mary (Ricochet Project)



‘Lovely to come, excellent help for me on my new tablet which I bought thanks to yous.  It’s now helping me and my husband keep up to date.  It was so nice to reminisce about our good old times’ – Angela (In Your Dreams Service)



‘My wife can be awakened to her past life giving her an interest in her past and present life, with old photos and family history.  Also information can be obtained on the internet which can stimulate her and hive her interests to talk about’ – Frank (In Your Dreams Service)



‘The service you provide is a god send for parents like myself. Transition is so confusing and stressful. To have someone like yourself to guide me through it all was invaluable.’  - Jennie (Parent/Carer)



‘Being able to speak openly and not feel stigmatised, or looked on in a derisory manner is the biggest advantage of ULO's.  Everybody involved truly understands the issues and does not judge as they have either the same, or similar issues themselves.’ - Linda



‘Being a part of a user led the organisation can help focus on what is truly important and that makes a difference to people’s lives in various ways; from practical to emotional support’ - Donna



‘Incontrol-able has been instrumental in supporting both the Learning Disability Partnership Board and more recently the Health and Well-being Board in ensuring the views of people with a disability are listened too and heard. The organisation makes best use of local resources utilising the wealth of talent and experience of people who use services in Hartlepool.’ – Head of Service (Hartlepool Borough Council)



‘Incontrol-able is one of the leading 'Disabled Peoples User-Led Organisations' in Hartlepool.  Disability can take many forms, yet Incontrol-able is almost always able to assist or at least, sign post individuals in need to other helper agencies.  Incontrol-able has extensive experience in the field and demonstrates a highly commendable commitment to equal opportunities for all.  We are more than happy to recommend Incontrol-able to both agencies and individuals alike.’ – Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency



‘Incontrol-able provide the authentic voice of disabled people. They are led by disabled people and are ideally placed to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of commissioners, disabled people or partner organisations. They represent a model of delivering services, using real lived experiences to inform delivery while staying connected to communities that adds real value to all they do’ – A Disabled person who is involved in Commissioning



'The Genesis Project was highly effective in providing awareness training and up-skilling its members. The project delivered all of its objectives providing good value for money, and effective budget management enabling them to deliver under budget. The outcomes not only increased the membership of the DPULO but increased the number of Directors on the Board. The project is a good example of what the DPULO programme is all about, increasing DPULOs sustainability.' -  DPULO Programme (Office for Disability Issues) 




    We provide individual services for Disabled People that promote choice, independence and Social Inclusion.Our team have personal and professional experience of Disability and understand the issues and..

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    Hi - just to let you know we're still delivering our services, but we are not office-based at the moment, so apologies if we're not getting back to you as quickly as we normally do.  #StayHomeSav..

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